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RSSlib - this library allows you to add RSS content to your site (PHP or ASP).

You can download for free these RSS parsers for PHP (rsslib-php.zip) or ASP (rsslib-asp.zip). Using them you can add very easily syndicated content to your site, for free. Your site will looks more professional with fresh content updated daily.
See our online demo. Or see it at Siemens Professional Education.

How it works?
You can find many RSS feeds on the Internet or browsing our directory. All you need is RSS file URL. Then you can install RSSlib scripts and customize them to add content directly to your web pages. These scripts are made with PHP & ASP. They are fully documented (source code provided, too). You can use a separate <frame>, <iframe> or <div> to display RSS to your page. Or you can display them using JavaScript anywhere in your page.

RSSlib functions allows you to control many parametes. Resulting HTML content is fully customizable using CSS. You can change font, colors and many more. Also, you can choose to use cached RSS feeds or every call will request a fresh RSS content. Then, you can set maximum items and maximum length for descriptions (longer descriptions could be truncated). Finally, you can set-up target for displaying documents (current or new browser window, a frame or anything else). Read more...

- download RSSlib-php.zip or RSSlib-asp.zip and unzip all files
- change first three lines in rsslib.php or rsslib.asp if you want to use cached pages. If the RSS content is not cached leave it as is.
- copy the files on your site
- use rss2html.php or rss2js.php files for PHP or rss2html.asp or rss2js.asp for ASP in your HTML pages.

For more detailed information read this.

RSS 2.0 feed generator - with these free scripts you can create your own RSS feed (for PHP or ASP).

Sometimes your web site scripts (PHP or ASP) don't have their own RSS feed generator. It's easy to create your own but is easier just to use these already built scripts. You can customize them or only copy and set-up their parameters.

Demo is available here.

You can download for PHP (rss20-php.zip) & ASP (rss20-asp.zip) and are distributed as freeware.
Help files are available here (also, included in zip file).


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