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RSS Readers

Read RSS & Atom feeds with our new online RSS Daily News reader.

Did you develop a RSS reader? You might be interested to add RSS feeds searching and browsing capabilities for your users, directly from your RSS reader. Read more...

  • Aggie - A .NET based application for reading RSS files. Open Source, for Windows and Linux-with-Mono.
  • AmphetaDesk - A perl-based desktop reader that runs in a browser. Windows, Linux and MacOS versions available.
  • Awasu - A free Windows RSS client, allowing monitoring of a variety of news sites and weblogs around the world. Using plugin architecture, can also be customized to monitor databases, email accounts, and other resources.
  • Beaver - A desktop RSS aggregator, capable of reading all flavours of RSS/RDF feeds and managing them in a familiar, simple three-pane Outlook Express style interface.
  • Blagg - News aggregator for the Bloxsom weblogging system.
  • BlogExpress - Free. It can read contents from any weblogs (a.k.a., blog) and any sites that provide XML files for content syndication (generally, a file with .rss, .rdf, or .xml extension). BlogExpress requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Runtime.
  • Bloglines - A web-based personal news aggregator that can be used in place of a desktop client.
  • BottomFeeder - A Smalltalk, desktop RSS Reader. Open source, runs on Windows, Mac, and various Unix flavors.
  • Carmen's Headline Viewer - Shareware newsreader client for Windows.
  • ClickTheNews - free aggregator to build something very easy to use for the complete RSS newbie.
  • Composite - RSS/RDF Aggregator - A free desktop RSS aggregator application for .NET
  • FeedDemon - RSS Reader for Windows.
  • FeedOwl - RSS & RDF Newsreader für Windows und unterstützt alle gängigen Formate.
  • FeedReader - Freeware application for Windows.
  • Fetch - An "Enterprise RSS" client and server system, for internal corporate messaging and information flow.
  • Friday - Java front-end for viewing news aggregation sites and site syndication feeds on mobile devices.
  • The Furrygoat Experience - PocketFeed for Pocket PC RSS aggregator
  • Hotsheet - A Java based desktop newsreader. Works on Windows, Apple, Linux and anything else with a Java Virtual Machine.
  • iBlog - Mac OS X blog editor and RSS reader.
  • InfoSnorkel News Aggregator - Windows application that aggregates RSS feeds, plus content from sites without feeds.
  • Jäger - Jäger is an extensible one-panel blog and news reader designed for speed and
    ease of use.
  • Klipfolio - A Windows based desktop news reader. Reads simple XML files that point to RSS feeds.
  • Liferea - A RSS/RDF news aggregator for GNU/Linux. Its intended to be a FeedReader clone.
  • MulleNewz - An Apple OSX dockling RSS reader.
  • NetNewsWire Lite - NetNewsWire is an OSX desktop RSS reader, written in Cocoa.
  • NewsMob - Web-based RSS & Atom News Aggregator.
  • NewzCrawler - News reader which allow reading RSS and NNTP newsgroups in a single three-paned interface.
  • NewsGator - News aggregator that runs in Microsoft Outlook. Site features product overview, online tutorial and trial download.
  • NewsMonster - Mozilla and Java-based aggregator with RSS 2.0 support.
  • nntp//rss - Enables RSS feeds to be read with NNTP newsreaders. Requires the Java Runtime Environment.
  • Novobot - A heavily featured desktop newsreader, that can also scrape non-RSS'd sites
  • Opera - with support for newsfeeds
  • Optimal Desktop - integrates the functions of a Web browser, RSS reader, file manager and program launcher all into one application.
  • Parss Project - The general idea behind Parss is to solve the problem of countless individual (desktop) RSS viewers randomly and redundantly transferring and processing almost exactly the same set of RSS feeds.
  • Peerkat - Cross-syndicated personal syndicated news aggregator for use with Python.
  • Pheeder - extensible Macintosh desktop news and XML reader.
  • Pineapple - Website news aggregator for Mac OS X.
  • PocketFeed - PocketFeed is an RSS/RDF news aggregator that runs on the Pocket PC 2002 PDAs.
  • Radio Userland - News aggregator included with weblog software application for Apple and Microsoft platforms.
  • Raissa - Headline and news reader for Newton MessagePad.
  • RDF-Ticker - A shareware RSS newsticker application for the Windows desktop.
  • Reptile - A P2P project, with RSS reading.
  • RSS Bandit - .NET RSS desktop feed aggregator.
  • RSS Reader - free RSS reader is able to display any RSS news feeds (XML).
  • RSS Viewer - A Java based, open source RSS reader.
  • RSSConnect - An Open Source C# .NET RSS Reader. Options and features descriptions and free download.
  • SharpReader - Three-pane RSS Aggregator for the .NET framework.
  • Slashdock - A simple Mac OS X application that fetches and updates headlines for the latest postings on slashdot-compatible sites and RSS-compatible sites.
  • Straw - A desktop news aggregator for the GNOME environment. With project information, news, and downloads.
  • Syndirella - Open source, desktop RSS news aggregator running under .NET, with the additional capability of monitoring regular Web sites.
  • TheYoke - A simple RSS aggregrator designed for use on the UNIX command line.
  • Tinderbox - An Apple OS feedreader.
  • Wildgrape NewsDesk - A free .NET based RSS reader with hundreds of RSS channels and supporting the OCS directory format

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