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Monday, September 27, 2004

blogs.msdn.com and RSS bandwidth:

I've just find an interesting article at DevXNews.com, Balancing in the Blogosphere which says:

"In an effort to ease bandwidth burdens generated by RSS feeds, Microsoft decided to reduce the size of the blogs.msdn.com home page and to truncate an aggregate RSS feed of all the blogs at the site. Instead of getting the full text of blog postings, RSS subscribers were provided a link that would take them to the full posting.

Well, as Dan Rather and CBS found out recently, reaction in the blogosphere is swift. And the response from developers at Microsoft was immediate and negative, with complaints centering on the elimination of the full RSS feeds."

It looks like even big companies have a bandwidth problem with blogging + RSS. Could these problems trigger major changes with RSS?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

RSS Spam:

Lately, there were added in our RSS directory many spam feeds. Most of them were not approved. But how can we recognize spam? There are RSS feeds with Google searches (not real content) or sites developed only with affiliates and advertising. Looks like these practices are increasing. There is a notable case: a company trying to add hundreds (~500 so far) of RSS feeds for their 2 page sites with Google results and AdSense (most of them had their own domains). This is very regretably and I'm sure it could harm RSS as a new format.


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